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August 2016

Summer is in full swing this month. You’re enjoying lazy days of swimming, barbecues and outdoor fun. Some may be packing for much anticipated vacations; while others are taking advantage of Connecticut’s cultural experiences and traveling the state for wonderful staycations. No matter what you are doing, it certainly involves plenty of fun and sun. But the cold truth about the hot month of August is that the start of school is right around the corner. Connecticut Parent Magazine has your back with lots of great ideas to get your routine back on track — minus the stress and anxiety!

If your kids are starting to get the back-to-school butterflies — tummy rumbles and sleepless nights — they are not alone. Learn about some ways to calm those late-summer jitters. One way to get ready for September is to start shifting towards a school routine mindset. Read about some proven suggestions to make the transition as easy as can be — especially if your child will be attending a new school.  One thing that may be causing some stress in kids is peer pressure. Social media hasn’t made this age-old problem any better.  Check out ways to help your kids cope if they are faced with this situation, and discover that sometimes peer pressure can be a good thing!

If you’re looking for a new academic option for your child, a Montessori education might be the perfect solution. Learn how the time-tested values of the Montessori method are brought into the modern era. And while you are exploring other educational opportunities, don’t forget about after-school programs. Kids will benefit artistically, physically, socially and mentally by being involved in extra-curricular activities. And, by the way, kids aren’t the only ones heading back to the classroom come September. Adults are returning to school, facing new challenges and exciting career opportunities. With planning and organization, you can make your dreams come true.

Make a big splash in August and ride the wave of fun — jumping in with both feet is pretty cool!


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